Meet The Carvonis Group Team

Krystoff Carvonis, Founder/CEO

image1Krystoff Carvonis was born and raised in Port-Au-Prince Haiti. Starting at the young age of 5, he entered the equestrian sport in the show jumping division. Eager to represent his country internationally, he started traveling throughout Western Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean. With Haiti experiencing an uneasy political climate, it was difficult for Krystoff to strive in the sport, so at the age of 15, Krystoff and his family decided to move to the United States to pursue his dream. The move necessitated a significant adjustment for Krystoff from his French educational background; however, his aptitude for language and hunger for success facilitated a smooth transition.

Now fluent in 5 languages (French, English, Kreyol, Spanish, and conversational German), Krystoff graduated from high school in South Florida. He continued on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Marketing from Florida International University. After working briefly for a mobile banking company, Krystoff made the decision that he never again wanted to be just another number in the corporate world. He decided to enroll in a rigorous management training program to develop the necessary skill sets to become a successful entrepreneur. Equipped with a strong business foundation, Krystoff opened his first company, The Carvonis Group, representing one of the largest mobility companies in the nation. He is passionate about seeing his team develop and working in a ‘people helping people’ business.

In his spare time, Krystoff enjoys traveling, visiting his family and friends in Haiti, playing sports, as well as spending time on the beach. He also loves trying new restaurants and exploring different cultures. Passionate and competitive to the core, Krystoff strives to expand The Carvonis Group to all 50 states. He plans to come full circle to accomplish his late father’s dream of him participating in the Olympic Games for Haiti. Your dream is my goal.

Danilo Quintero Hernandez, Assistant Manager

the carvonis group miamiOriginally from Colombia, Danilo Quintero Hernandez studied Finance and International Business at Northwood University. Upon graduation, Danilo accepted a position as a stockbroker, which he soon found out was not exactly what he had hoped it would be. He wanted to find a company or career that could provide him with more growth opportunities as well as financial gains. When Danilo found out that The Carvonis Group offers no cap on the amount of income he could potentially earn or how far he could advance based on his own merit, it was an easy decision for him. He says in addition to the growth and income, what he enjoys the most is the fun, upbeat, team environment where everyone helps one another achieve their goals. Since Danilo has progressed through our Management Training program, he will soon help one of our clients expand and he says he is looking forward to providing the same growth opportunities to others that were afforded to him. Outside of the office, Danilo is an avid baseball fan and loves the New York Yankees.

Lester Quiñonez, Assistant Manager

lester-the-carvonis-groupOriginally from Nicaragua, Lester Quiñonez has possessed the desire for competing, growing, and learning since he was a child. He has had a passion for playing soccer since he was 8 years old, regularly plays the guitar, and explores the outdoors whenever possible. His home country is where he studied Industrial Engineering at Central American University (Universidad Centroamericana), which was the first private university in Central America. Before working at The Carvonis Group, Lester was a pizza chef in Miami. He joined our team because he was yearning for the chance to grow and learn in an environment that facilitated advancement and responsibility in the field of business. Working with his remarkable team and making progress each and every day are some of the reasons why Lester loves his job. Additionally, he finds great joy in working with customers. “I like to go out, make friends, and help others—this is what makes my job so special.” When he’s not working, Lester spends time with his family seeing movies and going on long walks. The little moments he shares with them are especially important to him. By the time he’s 50 years old, he wants to be a successful businessman operating internationally. Lester hopes to travel the world, spend quality time with his family, and retire with an accomplished sense of prolific success.

Tiffany Quintero Hernandez, HR Director

the carvonis group, miamiHaving grown up in a town with a population of 6,842 just north of Nashville, Tiffany is a self-proclaimed “small town country girl who wanted to go to the city.”  This dream is what led her to Miami and The Carvonis Group! Tiffany said she was drawn to the culture and progressive environment we have. “I don’t like to be bored, so I really dig the high energy,” she added. When asked what her favorite aspect of working at The Carvonis Group was she said, ” definitely the knowledge I’ve gained but most importantly how my experience here has shaped the rest of my life. I’ve been taught things that you only learn from real world experience.” Her team oriented and goal driven personality that has made her such a valuable asset to our company stems from her softball background in school. She’s a die-hard Yankees fan by the way. Her personal goal is to make her family proud by learning spanish and professionally she looks forward to continuing to grow within the company and make a name for herself.

Janet Santiesteban, HR Director

Janet Santiesteban was born on the largest, yet most beautiful island in the Caribbean, Cuba. When she was one-year-old, her parents had the opportunity to come to The United States and raised her in Miami, FL. After graduating from Westland Hialeah Senior High School Janet decided to use her passion for working with, and helping people, in the hospitality industry. Although she truly enjoyed ensuring that patrons were provided excellent service and enjoyed their dining experience, she took an opportunity with The Carvonis Group because of the outstanding opportunity for growth she saw. “The best part of working at TCG is the valuable experience I’ve gained. Specifically the ability to manage my time better and growing overall as a professional,” explained Janet. She also applauded the great atmosphere and motivating environment. Personally, she plans on purchasing a house for her loving family and herself in the next 3 years. Professionally, Janet’s goal is a path of entrepreneurship to become financially stable in order to provide her family with the best life! She loves to shop and in her spare time, you can find her fishing, competing with her Fiancé to see who catches the largest fish!

Franz Siegel, Team Leader

the carvonis group miamiFranz Siegel was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti until he left to pursue his college education at Bryant University in Rhode Island. He graduated in 2014 with a Bachelors Degree in International Business and a concentration in Entrepreneurship. During his time at Bryant, Franz gained valuable hands-on experience by working directly with multinational companies on marketing and financial business consulting projects. These projects also made him realize that he wanted to ultimately find a job where he could help a company thrive in their ventures. Initially, Franz was excited about his opportunity at The Carvonis Group because he was going to fulfill his desire to help businesses and not be stuck in a cubicle, but rather be directly interacting with these business customers. When he learned about the further growth opportunity with the company’s Management Training program, he called it golden! “It fell right in line with what I had studied and best of all I had found a program where I wouldn’t have to re-invent the wheel.” He added that the camaraderie of the team, the bonds that everyone has both in and out of the office, makes work even more fun. One of Franz’s goals has always been to open a microbrewery/winery and he’s excited that through his opportunity here, it is now a possibility! As are his goals of becoming financially free to provide for his family and travel the world. Franz has lived in 3 different countries in addition to his own and traveling has become one of his favorite things to do. He also enjoys spending time with friends and family, having BBQs, and playing soccer and tennis.

Joseph Botbol Wahnon, Executive Leader

the carvonis group miamiJoseph Botbol Wahnon was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. He came to The University of Miami where he received his BSBA in Finance with a minor in Entrepreneurship. After graduation, Joseph worked in real estate, investments, and mortgages; all of which fell short of his expectations. When he came to The Carvonis Group, Joseph said that from the first time he met the President of the company, he saw how much passion and drive he had to be successful and help others do the same. “It’s good to surround yourself with people you relate to,” he added, and the rest was history! That’s one of his favorite aspects of being a part of the team here as well; being surrounded by like-minded people. “Everyone here is dreamers who will fight to achieve their goals every day,” explained Joseph. He has made it his personal mission to help others grow in their careers in order for them to achieve their own dreams and desires. In his free time, you can find Joseph surfing, going out with friends, and playing the piano.


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